A short trip to Brugge in March

This one will be short & sweet, just like our stay.

Only having a few days holiday left, we wondered where we could go and it wasn’t long before we had decided and booked our North Sea ferry crossing and campsite in Brugge.

I’m not sure why, but we always seem to arrive at check in first – maybe it’s just our eagerness to get away but i would rather be parked up ready than risk a last minute delay.


Boarding was hassle free as usual and we enjoyed a walk around the deck before our evening dinner at the kitchen restaurant followed a relaxing night in our Club Cabin.

The sun was certainly shining on us for this visit and despite being the end of March, it felt quite pleasant indeed but outdoors, we still needed our coats.

Spring was here and its is such a nice walk along the canal side.

We saw this outside the torture museum and I’ll order one……………

IMG_1497The woodland walk is a great way to end the day and some of the exercise equipment looks like it should be in the torture museum – I can only imagine the pain!

That’s the end of this visit and it will be a while before we come back, well, maybe not that long!


Christmas In Brugge

Well, we did it! We finally plucked up the courage to spend Christmas & Mrs H’s birthday away home for the first time and what better way to it.

Our planning for this trip started months in advance to ensure that our youngest son was well prepared for the massive change in our festive routine and hopefully avoid an Autistic Meltdown in the process.

Our journey started with the P&O Ferry from Hull to Zebrugge with the usual 5 berth Club Cabin to give us that little extra space, TV and double bed – we do still need some home comforts after all & these are perfect for our son who loves to sit at the desk and draw, worth every penny to see him relaxed and happy.

A short drive from the port to our campsite in Brugge, Camping Memling which would accommodate all of our needs for the next 10 day’s. Check in was quick, easy and we were on our pitch before we knew it.

This was the first time that we used our Fiamma Privacy Room which was easy to put up (ish) and somewhere to store the bikes at night along with leaving our wet shoes/boots outside.

It really felt like Christmas, Brugge is a magical place especially at this time of year and we highly recommend a visit whether for the day or a little longer & we never tire of visiting this city.

The Ice Rink had been moved around this year due to a change in security planning but this did not detract from the festive feel of the market at all and I suppose something that we all are learning to live with and accept.

Not all of our time was spent in the City and the area surrounding our campsite is full of woodland walks and an outdoor exercise area ( not likely…)

Camping Memling have their own Youtube channel giving some good, useful information about check in and else the area has to offer and it is worth a look if your planning a visit.

Finally, Christmas Eve and it was time for the first celebration of the week, Mrs H’s Birthday and we came well prepared with cards, and presents with a great day had by all.

You will never go hungry in Brugge and even more so at Christmas. The smell of fresh baked rolls and Bradwurst/Burgers gets me every time followed by a really good hot chocolate, Oh and not forgetting Belgian fries from the market stalls below the Belfort.

Christmas Day, Oh No! How would this go? How would he cope?

After a good nights sleep, it was Christmas Day at last, and everything we had tried to achieve over the last few months all hinged on these next few moments & we were not disappointed. No meltdown, no anxiety, just a young man enjoying his Christmas – what progress.

The day was a success and we all enjoyed our motorhome take on Christmas dinner and we look forward to doing this again in the future.

Our final days were spent, experiencing the sights of Brugge at our leisure either on foot or by bike.

Until next time.










Gas It Refillable Gas Bottle Kit

This is a subject that I had been exploring for some time and finally I decided to go with a Gas-it system instead of our Calor Propane bottles which only keep rising in price.

Some would say that this is an expense that is unnecessary but when travelling in Europe, as anyone knows, Calor gas is not available so therefore it’s either go without gas or purchase a bottle/regulator/hose for the country that you are in and this can prove difficult & expensive in itself.

I ordered my kit direct through the Gas-It website – https://www.gasit.co.uk which was easy enough and whilst there was a supply issue, my kit arrived in time for our holiday and I was really surprised how easy it was to fit and it only took around 15-20 minutes from start to finish.


I now carry my 11kg Gas-It bottle which i still have not refilled since my initial fill up but I’m sure we will be getting ready soon & a 6kg Calor Gas bottle as a back up, just incase.

The easy fill system is just that, easy, and we filled up at a Shell Service Station on the M1 for around £22 (and this was motorway prices)

Overall, we are very happy with this set up and may consider another refillable bottle to add on at some point but for the time being, this is perfect for our needs.

For information – this was my order for my set up.

Product Price Each Quantity Price
100ml Leak Detection Fine Spray Bottle With Spray Nozzle Lock (GI-0093) £2.49 1 £2.49
PREORDER – 11kg Gas Bottle & EASYFIT© Fill System (GI-0020) £159.01 1 £159.01
GAS IT European Fillpoint Adapter Guide (GI-EURO-GUIDE) £0.50 1 £0.50
Gas Bottle Outlet Converter to UK POL ( propane) (GI-ACCS-024) £5.17 1 £5.17
Subtotal £186.03
GAS IT Shipping Services (Courier next working day) £9.75
20% VAT £39.06
Grand Total £234.84