A look back at fond memories & looking forward to making new ones….

The recent & ongoing, global pandemic has made everyone think about what is important to them, made them rethink the future & made them reminisce of days gone by…..

Our lockdown, like many others across the world, has been difficult and one which we have struggled with the mental health of our 18 year old, autistic son hence the need to look back at past adventures to satisfy both his & our need for some distraction from reality and look forward to taking to the roads in the future once it is safe & legal to do so.

Our many visits to Disneyland, Paris, Bruges & various UK destinations, have given us many fond and cherished memories and one of the main reasons for starting this blog when we started motorhoming, providing a simple record of our adventures with our 2 son’s, the places, the sights & sounds, the thrills and we are so glad that we have this to look back on.

We will be resurrecting our youtube channel and adding some new journey footage (obviously pre lockdown) reviews and projects with the occasional blooper I’m sure.

Our world just changed! What happens now?

IMG_0762It was a Saturday morning, I’d just opened the kitchen door when I heard a meow!

I knew that this wasn’t our cat, we didn’t have one or not at least for several years since we lost our beloved Clyde so what on earth was happening?

For sometime we have been building an extension to the side of the house and guess what? Yes, a mother cat had decided to leave us 2 little bundles of fluff.

We were very cautious to begin with, we didn’t want to scare away the mother and set up a CCTV camera to keep an eye of the little ones & gave them water and food, just incase….


We waited & waited and after 2 days it was evident that the mother was not coming back so we had no choice, I had to catch them and bring them indoors.

This was not easy, but after a few scratches and bites, they were safe and settling into their new home with their new family.

We booked them in at the local vets for a check up which went well & it was estmimated that they were approximately 4 weeks old.

We had only got a few weeks to make sure they had their vacinations so that we could either a) obtain pet passports or b) book them into a local cattery and we were sad that there was not enough time to get the pet passports in time for our next trip but as we travelled all over the UK with Clyde, this was our plan for our 2 new family members, Oscar & Claude.












Emergency in France…..

Electrical Failure on French Motorway

As you may have seen in my last post, it rained quite heavy whilst we were at Disneyland and although it has abated slightly when we departed, we had a very interesting journey home.

When negotiating the exit slip road from the A104 onto the A1, we encountered flooding which we had no choice but to drive through after all, cars were seeming to get through OK.

Everything was OK until it started raining again and we realised we had no wipers, then we had no lights, then we had no anything……

As it is diesel, we were still running and we continued of a while until the rain dictated otherwise and we pulled into a motorway aire to see what the problem was.

We had plenty of time to get to Calais or so we thought.

I suppose my mistake was stopping the engine – it would not restart afterwards which I knew but still did it anyway!

We quickly found an on-line manual showing all the fuseboxes (3 of them in total) so where was our problem????

After about an hour checking fuses and relays, I was none the wiser and we were ready for calling the breakdown service when the unexpected happened!

Yes, I stepped onto the battery cover in the cab and the dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Quickly taking up the carpet and removing the cover, I found that the fuses had come loose – why? I don’t know so a quick tighten up and hey presto, everything was alive.

The negative terminal was a little loose but this is down to the actual connector which I will replace as soon as I can but for the time being, we were back on the road.


The journey went well, we arrived in Calais in plenty of time for our ferry.

We parked up in line, switched off and when it came to our turn to board, it even started again – job done! or so we thought.

We parked right at the front of the ship, meaning we would be one of the first off in Dover and yes, you’ve guessed it, the bloody thing would not start.

A quick press down on the battery cover and away we went so I concluded that the actual problem was the loose negative terminal, not the fuses but not to tempt fate, I ordered a full replacement set and replaced them before our next adventure began.

So far, so good!

Disneyland Paris May 2019

Another visit to the greatest place on earth…..

It seems so long ago now, but you never forget the Disneyland experience, no matter how many times you been before & we always get that “magical” feeling upon arrival.


Mainstreet USA without the crowds, for now, anyway!

Don’t be fooled by the blue skies, there was still a nip in the air and the view from the Castle is always one to take in before it gets too busy.


It wasn’t all blue skies, and as anyone knows, when it rains at Disneyland, it rains but what a sight it is.

Our boy’s are grown up, but we will never grow up & Disneyland will be always be on our list of places to visit (regularly)

Another successful visit, no meltdowns, no hassle, just pure fun from beginning to end(ish) check out my next post to find out why!